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Welcome, as you might know, my name is Mr. Jolley and I’m living in China. I came to China back in 2001 after meeting May in Africa. If you read the story on the about page you will understand the series of extraordinary events that lead to China becoming my home.

I have an amazing son called Jake and he’s growing up so fast, he’s already calling me ‘Oldman’. He’s a good kid and we are always going on adventures together. You can read all about him on my waffle page or watch a few videos on my MeTube.

I have set up the ‘Blighty’ company to sell international products to sell and distribute in China to Chinese tastes. At the same time, I took the ‘Blighty’ brand to the next level and created British inspired products using my contacts and experience with manufacturers based in South East Asia and sell on E-commerce platforms in China, USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe

I really do have our hands full with my business, but with the spare time that I do have, I use it to try and make our living environment better. I’m the Chairman of Zhongshan Helping Hands Charity Fund, a council member of the Zhongshan Foreign Advisors Council, an active member of the Zhongshan Go Green Committee. All these roles are very rewarding and inspirational.

I also enjoy mountain bike riding, disappearing for 2 to 3 hours early in the mornings on beautiful summer’s days into the mountains.

I always enjoy friends and family to visit or send messages, so if you haven’t seen me for a while or you’ve lost contact with me for whatever reason, please head over to the contact page and drop a quick message.

Thanks for visiting.

I understand that everybody is busy and sometimes “LIFE” gets in the way of friendships.

If you haven’t heard from me for a while, it’s not that I have forgotten you or don’t want to be your friend anymore, it’s just “LIFE”, so please send me a quick message or give me a call, say “Hi Paul, are you still AWESOME :-)”Blighty International Ltd

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Summer Fun With Grandparents

Earlier this year I approached my son Paul Jolley and his wife May Jolley who live in China (I live in England) via text messages and I put myself and my wife up for looking after our grandson Jake Jolley who is 8 years old, through part of his summer holidays, after waiting for months for a reply I finally receive a scan of Jake’s air ticket to England, He was coming over on his own for 5 weeks, we were both very pleased indeed, we guessed that he will make a mess of our daily routine for sure. And Oh did he make a mess and not only to our daily routine. To start with he took over the telly insisting on cartoons, he could watch them for hours, we also noticed that when he was watching telly or playing on his Ipad he went stone deaf, no amount of requests or shouting would work, the only way to get his attention was to turn them off, any chance of Kathy watching the soaps went through the window when his plane touched down, and he’s such a messy eater, extreme caution is advised when feeding him anything, particularly noodles or cereal, he somehow manages to scatter his food anywhere within a two foot radius of his dish it’s a sort of a fallout area, and he’s fussy with it, he loves cheesy beans he loves mash potato but if a single bean touches any bit of potato he won’t eat either, Oh and the telly or Ipad MUST be turned OFF, if left on the food will go... read more

Publishing The First Book – The Dream Name

I’m very excited to tell EVERYONE that I’m having a few copies of my book published. I haven’t decided yet exactly how many but probably 500, as it’s really cheap to get things published in China. When they are published, I can send them to friends and family, I can give them to all of Jakes classmates and teachers as an end of year present, I can give them to my friend’s kindergarten school, I could even donate some to poor Chinese schools as the book is bilingual, but my main reason to have to book printed is to give a copy to special people in my life, people that will cherish it and understand the meanings behind every picture and every word. I’ve worked hard on this book, on and off for the last 6 years. Basically from when Jake could first understand English, I would make up bedtime stories for him, some of them were true stories from my life and experiences and some of them were totally fictional. I have a few more stories recorded that I’m thinking about. The Ring, The Time Machine, The Pirate to name just a few. The process of creating the final book had many stages and I wasn’t really in a rush. To be honest, my end game was never to publish the book but instead to enjoy storytelling with Jake. As I progressed through the processes I enjoyed each one separately. The toughest part was and has always been for me, putting what’s in my head(or recording) onto paper (or computer), but once I had gotten through that process everything else... read more

Happy Fathers Day 2016

Fathers Day, June 2016 Fathers Day 2016 fell on a Sunday this year, so myself Jake and Danny headed out for a fathers day trip. 1st stop was Banksia, a perfect place for a fathers day brunch, Danny choose the eggs benedict and myself and jake shared the fish and chips. 2nd stop was Yukaly Cafe, another perfect place to relax and enjoy speciality coffee. We tasted many different kinds of coffee. Jake was interested in how they prepared the coffee but the taste was far to bitter for him. 3rd stop was Decathlon, to be fair this wasn’t my choice it was Jake’s. Either way it is a cool shop to walk around. We bought a few things including a cool pair of dads sunglasses. 4th stop was the Mercedes garage, just to have a look at the new SUV GLE Sport. Jake said “Why do you want to buy another car, we already have 3 cars”. 5th stop was Zhongshan ferry terminal, we picked up May from the ferry port and took her home to relax. 6th stop was my friend Anthony Su house, we hung out the rest of the afternoon having snacks and drinks and a few dips in the pool. 7th stop was J’am cafe, were we enjoyed a cake and an icecream. Finally after the cake and icecream we retired home to prepare for Monday morning and an early night. The main reason for having a varied day out and taking so many pictures throughout the day was, it was fathers day and my father (Grandad) like nothing more than good quality head and... read more
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