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Summer Fun With Grandparents

Earlier this year I approached my son Paul Jolley and his wife May Jolley who live in China (I live in England) via text messages and I put myself and my wife up for looking after our grandson Jake Jolley who is 8 years old, through part of his summer holidays, after waiting for months for a reply I finally receive a scan of Jake’s air ticket to England, He was coming over on his own for 5 weeks, we were both very pleased indeed, we guessed that he will make a mess of our daily routine for sure. And Oh did he make a mess and not only to our daily routine. To start with he took over the telly insisting on cartoons, he could watch them for hours, we also noticed that when he was watching telly or playing on his Ipad he went stone deaf, no amount of requests or shouting would work, the only way to get his attention was to turn them off, any chance of Kathy watching the soaps went through the window when his plane touched down, and he’s such a messy eater, extreme caution is advised when feeding him anything, particularly noodles or cereal, he somehow manages to scatter his food anywhere within a two foot radius of his dish it’s a sort of a fallout area, and he’s fussy with it, he loves cheesy beans he loves mash potato but if a single bean touches any bit of potato he won’t eat either, Oh and the telly or Ipad MUST be turned OFF, if left on the food will go... read more

Publishing The First Book – The Dream Name

I’m very excited to tell EVERYONE that I’m having a few copies of my book published. I haven’t decided yet exactly how many but probably 500, as it’s really cheap to get things published in China. When they are published, I can send them to friends and family, I can give them to all of Jakes classmates and teachers as an end of year present, I can give them to my friend’s kindergarten school, I could even donate some to poor Chinese schools as the book is bilingual, but my main reason to have to book printed is to give a copy to special people in my life, people that will cherish it and understand the meanings behind every picture and every word. I’ve worked hard on this book, on and off for the last 6 years. Basically from when Jake could first understand English, I would make up bedtime stories for him, some of them were true stories from my life and experiences and some of them were totally fictional. I have a few more stories recorded that I’m thinking about. The Ring, The Time Machine, The Pirate to name just a few. The process of creating the final book had many stages and I wasn’t really in a rush. To be honest, my end game was never to publish the book but instead to enjoy storytelling with Jake. As I progressed through the processes I enjoyed each one separately. The toughest part was and has always been for me, putting what’s in my head(or recording) onto paper (or computer), but once I had gotten through that process everything else... read more

Happy Fathers Day 2016

Fathers Day, June 2016 Fathers Day 2016 fell on a Sunday this year, so myself Jake and Danny headed out for a fathers day trip. 1st stop was Banksia, a perfect place for a fathers day brunch, Danny choose the eggs benedict and myself and jake shared the fish and chips. 2nd stop was Yukaly Cafe, another perfect place to relax and enjoy speciality coffee. We tasted many different kinds of coffee. Jake was interested in how they prepared the coffee but the taste was far to bitter for him. 3rd stop was Decathlon, to be fair this wasn’t my choice it was Jake’s. Either way it is a cool shop to walk around. We bought a few things including a cool pair of dads sunglasses. 4th stop was the Mercedes garage, just to have a look at the new SUV GLE Sport. Jake said “Why do you want to buy another car, we already have 3 cars”. 5th stop was Zhongshan ferry terminal, we picked up May from the ferry port and took her home to relax. 6th stop was my friend Anthony Su house, we hung out the rest of the afternoon having snacks and drinks and a few dips in the pool. 7th stop was J’am cafe, were we enjoyed a cake and an icecream. Finally after the cake and icecream we retired home to prepare for Monday morning and an early night. The main reason for having a varied day out and taking so many pictures throughout the day was, it was fathers day and my father (Grandad) like nothing more than good quality head and... read more

Canon 750D + Canon 24mm – 105mm Lens

So, Jake and I took the new Canon D750 camera and the new Canon 24mm – 105mm lens for a trip to the golf course. We wandered directly onto the golf course and started taking photos, nobody came over and told us we couldn’t so we took full advantage of the beautiful scenery and started snapping away. I’ve got to say the result from the combination of the new lens and camera were really great. We took some great photos of the golf course and of Jake. I had a couple of blurred shots of Jake that I was a little disappointed in, which I put down to trying to make him laugh and take photos at the same time but overall I was VERY happy with the results. Take a look and let me know what you think. Regards Paul ....... read more

New Lens – Canon 24mm – 105mm

I’ve been looking at camera lens for years. I’ve always fancied a half decent lens but never taken the plunge. My father gave me an old SLR some years back with an old 24mm – 300mm lens and although I felt I’d caught a cracking image when I looked through the camera and on the small LCD screen, when I download the image and looked at it on my computer screen it just doesn’t seem crisp or it’s slightly blurred. So I gave my father’s old camera and lens back to him, thanked him very much and bought a brand new 750D Canon camera. I was very pleased with my new camera, I’ve got a professional 100m lens that I use for taking product photos and I get GREAT images from that. Then the other day it rained HARD and myself and Jake decided to play in the rain, I grabbed my new camera and started taking some awesome pictures of Jake using the 24mm – 300mm old lens. I was super happy with them on the camera, I was even getting some blurred effects happening using the AV and ISO settings but when I downloaded them and put them on my computer I wasn’t happy with them at ALL, again they were not quite in focus and slightly blurred. So, I was in Hong Kong the other day with Jake and May and we were walking through Ocean city shopping mall and popped into the Canon shop. We played with the 24mm – 105mm lens on a ‘store’ camera which is the same body as my new 750D and... read more

Zhanjiang Work Trip – 100BGBG

This May Bank Holiday weekend we went for a work trip to Zhanjiang in Guangdong where our 1st overseas superstore is located, www.100BGBG.com. Jake went with his mate Jimmy and his parents to Hong Kong to do some “walking” in the Hong Kong countryside, I didn’t even know that Hong Kong had a countryside. Now Jimmy is Jake’s best mate in KaiYin, they go to the same school and in the same class and on the same school bus, these two boys are inseparable, sometimes Jake sleep’s at his house, sometimes Jimmy sleeps at Jakes house. They talk about complete nonsense for hours about nothing in particular. So this Saturday afternoon, (Jake wanted to go with Jimmy and who am I to stop him) decided to pack my overnight bag and head to Zhainjian for a nice weekend away and spend a bit of time with my beautiful wife. I also wanted to take a few product photos while I was down there. We had a good day working in the store, May’s very passionate about what she’s doing, and I’m very proud of my wife. May took me to this rubbish Chinese spa hotel, she had high hopes that she was taking me to a nice place and that I would like it, but I was grumpy about the place, to be fair it wasn’t a bad place, I did enjoy it but I would prefer the Sheraton. Getting old … lol I woke up early the next morning for a 4 and 1/2 hour drive back home to look after my little boy Jake. To be honest... read more

A walk around Hanley & Newcastle – Staffordshire

I decided to go for a walk around Hanley, Staffordshire, I then caught a bus to and had a walk around Newcastle, Staffordshire as well. It was a perfect time to do it on Sunday afternoon, there weren’t many people around, the weather wasn’t cold or raining and the skies were blue. One of the reason’s I wanted to have a walk around and take photos is I’ve just bought a brand new Canon 750D and wanted to play with the white balance, the F4 to F20 settings and get used to the camera as a whole. The other reason was, I usually live on the other side of the world and as such I don’t get to see the place I was born and brought up as a child. So I thought if I could get some good shots of local landmarks in this beautiful part of the country, I could print them out and put them on my wall at home in China. Regards Paul ....... read more

Canon 750D – My first DSLR camera

After many years of avoiding DSLR cameras I’ve finally bite the bullet and purchased my first semi-professional camera. Now, over the years I’ve always had some kind of compact camera bulging in my pocket wherever I went, especially after my handsome son arrived. Although I must admit in recent years I’ve been relying on my phone camera. Now I admit phone cameras have come on in leaps and bounds over the years and they are now almost as good as most compact cameras. That being said they still are a long way from the quality of a DSLR. Now, I’m not a camera enthusiast by any means, which is probably the reason I’ve steered clear of DSLR’s for so long, yes I need training on how to properly use a DSLR, no I don’t have time to properly use a DSLR. Which is why I’ve decided to purchase the new 750D. I did an extensive study of the current Canon range and decided the 750D was an excellent entry level camera for me. Sure it’s missing a lot of the features of the more professional cameras but it had exactly what I need and at the right price. It is also light and durable, and not too complicated, which I’m hoping will be a good for myself and Jake to learn together how to use this DSLR camera. Images Curtesy of Canon for more details click on the Canon link. Some of the Features of the Canon 750D Range of shooting modes Effortlessly capture stunning images using the latest DSLR technology with Basic and Creative modes, which allow you... read more

Living on a longboat

I spotted on Facebook that my old friend Lee was close by and travelling on a longboat. So a few messages and a few phone calls later myself and Jake met up with Lee close to the Cheshire Cheese Pub in Sandbach. We arrived with a couple of duvets, a change of clothes and ready for an adventure living on a... read more

Logging in Lindach Germany

While I was over this side of the world I decided to go and visit my best mate Alex in Lindach Germany. Now I was thinking, two best mates who haven’t seen each other in a while, both wives on the other side of the planet we could get up to all sorts of no good. Now I know Germany is famous for it’s beer, good food and  Alex is well know for his choice of high quality food. So I was getting excited, I thought maybe a nice restaurant in Landach, a few beers in a local pub, maybe a bit of dancing. Alex had other ideas! He said lets go to the furniture shop in Lindach and buy a few things, so I thought fine, it’s still early and I get to drive his brand new top of the range BMW X5. we find the chair he liked and bought 3 chairs, which to be honest I thought was a little ODD, I mean who buys 3 chairs, I can understand 1 or 2 or 4 or 5 or even 6 but 3 just seemed a little ODD. We get back from chair buying and he then says that he needs to do a bit of LOGGING before it goes dark. Logging I say, with a chain saw he says. I think hmm it’s still early but it’s definitely getting close to beer O’clock, so I protest a little, mentioning my white trainers, no problem he says I got some BOOTS. So we head to the storeroom and suddenly he produces WADERS, waders I say, yes he says,... read more

Grand opening of our first 100BGBG Store

Today was the big day for our first 100BGBG superstore to open. Our stores specialise in providing Western food and products to the Chinese market. A local Chinese TV stations covered of the Grand Opening Ceremony of 100BGBG in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China. I was privileged to be requested to go on stage with a pair of golden scissors and cut the ribbon along with government officials and top level business people. There was a HUGE turn out from the local press, government officials, local business people and the general... read more

Official Opening of Cheers Garden Bar

Myself and my two good friends, Gordon and Luigi were having a discussion about import steaks one evening over a nice bottle of wine. Luigi imports some excellent steaks from different parts of the world and he was describing how different meats can taste depending on where in the world it was from and which part of the cow. So it was suggested that we have a small get together the next Thursday and cook a few choice cuts. I volunteered our roof top location, which I’d spent a considerable amount of time to make into a pretty impressive rooftop garden bar along with 2 barbecues, tables, seating, music system and lights. Gordon volunteered to bring a few side dishes and Luigi volunteered to bring some choice cuts from his office. It was suggested that each of us bring 9 people that we know. We ended up inviting pretty much the whole of the Zhongshan community to come and have some food and drink at our ”Cheers” rooftop garden bar.  Everyone who came either brought a dish or drinks or both. What a great community we live in and what a great night, even with the... read more

Helping Hands Charity first committee meeting

We held the first Helping Hands Charity committee meeting at HGR Technology office. I’m privileged to be working with these fabulous people on the committee for “Helping Hands. ” The charity raises funds and awareness for the disabled in Zhongshan. More info coming... read more

Europark 2015

In the Morning we feed the ducks and while doing homework, in the afternoon we visited Europark Amusement Center and the evening was spent dining in Basel... read more

AREA Launch Party

We were invited to attend the inauguration party for the first session of the governing council of the Zhongshan Association of Returned Entrepreneurs from Abroad (AREA). This event was held at the Hilton Hotel on Friday 28th Aug 2015 and was organised by local entrepreneurs from the AREA group. AREA, is an association of Chinese entrepreneurs who have worked or studied abroad and who have returned back to the city of Zhongshan in Guangdong province, China. The Association is owned by Chinese nationals working and living in Zhongshan, and other overseas Chinese with significant work or life experience. The group voices the younger generations of overseas returnees who have mainly been involved in voluntary civil society while conducting independent activities with many national non-profit and social organisations. The lavish ceremony in the Hilton Hotel was impeccably presented and organised. The guest list included many integral members of Zhongshan society such as, key ZS Government officials, respected community members and business leaders, and also many returned Chinese... read more

Friends Bar – Centurion Club Challenge 2015

June 2015 Paul Jolley, Tom Spragg and Friends Bar Zhongshan organized the 2nd year of the Centurion Club Challenge at Friends Bar. This year Phil Behan took some amazing photos of this event. CLICK THIS LINK TO VEIW THE PHOTOS OF THIS EVENT. About the Centurion Club Challenge 2015 Event The Centurion Challenge is to drink 100 shots (30ml) of Carlsberg draught beer in 100 minutes. Competitors will drink 1 shot of beer every minute for a total of 100 minutes. The entry fee is 150 RMB, which includes 3 litres of Carlsberg draught beer, a T-Shirt, a Centurion Club cap, and one shot of Fireball Whiskey, which will be ‘Ganbei’ upon completion of the 100 shots challenge. If you complete the Centurion Challenge you will have the honor of being a permanent member of the Centurion Club and the glory of having your name engraved on the official Friends Bar Centurion Club Members Plaque and which will be displayed in Friends Bar forever! There will be prizes and penalties awarded for various achievements and/or rule breaking throughout the main challenge (see rules for more details). This year the Beer and T-shirts were sponsored by Carlsberg, the official Centurion Club Baseball caps were sponsored by Friends Bar and the official Centurion Club Shot glasses were sponsored by HGR Technology. A special thanks to Sonya and Gary Teeling for hosting this event at Friends Bar, Paul Jolley, Tom Spragg, Christian Batts, Danny Wang and Claire Salsbury for organizing and making the 2nd year even better than the 1st year. Friends Bar staff for helping with last minute preparations. zsrenn.com for promoting this great event. Our local celebrity Ann Liang... read more

The Things Little People Say

Jake. “When I grow up I’m going too make a time machine” Me. “That’s great Jake, are you going too go forward or back in time, are you going too visit yourself in the future” Jake. (Looks at me as if I’m daft) “No Daddy!!. You get into the time machine when you’re old, then you get out off it and you’re young again” Me. “Ahh silly me, so this Time Machine makes you young” Jake. “Yes. Grandad can use it because he’s very old” Me. “Yes he is Jake, but will you keep all your memories when you come out of the time machine ?” Jake. (Daft Daddy look again) “Of course”. Jake. “Daddy how was I made” Me. “I think that’s a very good question, you should ask your Mama” Jake. “Hmmm” (Mama wasn’t there) Me. “Jake how do YOU think you were made?” Jake. “I think a bit of your blood and a bit off Mama’s blood mixed... read more

Chinese New Year Eve – Written by Glynn Jolley

Yesterday my wife and I were invited by a very pretty Chinese lady to spend the Chinese New Year Eve with her and some friends at a Chinese restaurant near the lake in Kai Yin, it started at about 7pm I walked into this very large (by British standards) restaurant, it was clean and well lit, while we waited for our private room I had a chance to look around the fresh food area where I saw the usual arrangement of live ducks, snakes, chickens and an amazing selection of fish and seafood all lined up in big tanks, it’s a fact that if you want really fresh food then keep it alive until you eat it. There were 14 of us and when we got to our room which was tastefully decorated in mainly yellow and gold with a toilet tactfully hidden in one corner a T/V on the wall and a very large window overlooking the lake and a glass chandelier directly over a very big round lazy Susan table. The food was as you’d expect traditional Chinese with a good selection of chicken, pork, fish, king prawns, and masses of vegetables cooked and spiced up in ways we British have yet to discover, the wine flowed freely and there were many toasts to things I couldn’t even begin to understand because it was in Chinese but I stood up tapped glasses and drank the wine, everybody laughed and my glass was filled again, and again, and again, I thought, I wonder what the penalty is for driving a golf buggy under the influence. After the meal... read more

Preparing to Leave China – Written by Glynn Jolley

Well, less than three weeks left before we return to England. I can’t say I’m excited to leave! China, I know I’ve said it before; we have had a wonderful time. Paul and May have really pulled out all the stops for us, we are both so pleased to have such a wonderful son and daughter in law who are so eager to open their house to us and allow us to have some quality time with them our youngest grandson and their extended family and friends. I find the food so diverse and there is something for everyone’s tastes. The weather has on the whole been very acceptable to my English needs sitting mainly at about 20c throughout December and January with lots of sunny days which is better than I can expect of full summer back home and the mosquitoes have been at their lowest with just the occasional bite. The Chinese people are on the whole a very nice people with a warm smile and welcoming attitude and the European people in this part of China are some of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. In the few short months that I’ve been here I’ve made a lot of friends and met a lot of youngsters ( anyone younger than me) mainly school teachers or engineers and a good few people around my age retired like me, making a second home in this lovely part of China. I’m tempted myself to be fair, six months here six months in England, I’d like to come back about October and have another winter here but... read more

Amazing China – Written by Glynn Jolley

I’ve been in China about 3 months now and I’ve noticed a few things that might seem strange to English folk, most are understandable like in our part of southern China there are no chimneys on houses and no fireplaces in rooms just an air conditioning unit hidden away somewhere, and for most of the year they are as necessary as our fireplaces were in winter before central heating. However there are other things not so easily explained away like when I buy bread there are no crusts, these are the brown ends we have on our loaves, and seeing as it’s near impossible to bake a loaf without the brown crust ends I wonder what happens to all the crusts and why they are not on the ends of our bread, China has reportedly one thousand three hundred million people but I’ve never seen a funeral procession or even a funeral car and with that many people you’d think a few might be dying now and then, I’m sure there is an explanation somewhere. Another thing you are unlikely to see in England is people walking the streets in their pajamas mainly because you’d probably be quickly arrested, but here in my part of China it’s seems normal, One particular lady who walks her little dog past W-oggies in the evening has a very nice trouser and jacket combination. The roads and driving, well I could write a book about some of the horrendous driving I’ve seen on their roads, apparently they do have rules it’s just that nobody takes any notice of them, I’m convinced that there are people driving vehicles who can’t even read, but... read more

Christmas Chinese Style

Shopping done. Our Christmas started On Christmas Eve with a meal of English style sirloin and chips with Chinese food thrown in for good luck there were about 10 of us so after food we played some sort of poker I’ve never played poker before and I found it to be slow and boring I think Snap is far better suited to my high level of intellectual understanding of all forms of gambling, later Noah and his lovely wife Tracy O turned up and kept us entertained until bedtime. Christmas day started relatively early at about 8am with May and Paul panicking about getting the remainder of the presents wrapped and put under the tree, our Christmas dinner started at 12.30 at the Portuguese restaurant so we didn’t have a lot of time to get the heavy drinkers out of bed for the present opening ceremony, by 10am everybody was up and waiting for Charmin, we had shouted her several times but for some reason she didn’t make an appearance till 11am at which point we all watched as Jake ploughed through his mountain of gifts, ripping carefully wrapped wrapping paper to shreds as he searched for yet another toy, running out of time we took some unopened presents to the restaurant I went in the golf buggy with 6 people on board all the lights on and music at top volume Paul took another load in his Chinese Toyota rip off people mover there were 16 of us to be seated in a private room with a very enjoyable 5 course meal the atmosphere was very friendly with our resident comedian Tom the mad... read more

Hair Dying – Peter Griffin

Well what a lovely place China is, well it is for me anyway I have so much fun just trying to get simple things, I went to the DIY man (woman) the other day the one just past Woggies, all I wanted was some cable ties, my internet didn’t work there so Google was no help at all, I drew pictures and tried very hard to do mimes of what they did, but I think they thought I was miming choking someone, I looked around the shop as best as I could, 30 minutes later I walked away empty handed, I’m going to have to learn some Chinese if I want to survive without help. Danny’s cousin Steven has arrived to stay for Christmas, he needs to go back to Beijing on the 7th January to complete his studies, he’s now nearly 18 years old and ready for some Zhongshan fun, Tom and Paul have dyed my hair a deep brown colour, I did protest but when I spotted them planning with Steven that Tom and Paul would hold me down while Steven put the dye on my hair I thought it’s no good fighting I might hurt one of them so I protested diplomatically instead which of course has no effect at all on yobs (an English term for drunken out of control young men with nothing better to do than pick on helpless grey haired old men) so I now have dark brown hair which of course I hate, I really liked my silver hair I’ve had it for years I was proud of it, and I... read more

Bloody Santa

Monday 10th December 2012-12-10 Now, what did I go and do that for …. Let me explain …. I’m what I suppose people would call a portly gentleman when they are being kind and a fat old git when they are not, I also have white hair, white as snow and while we are talking about snow this is the time of the year when portly and white hair get people thinking about Santa, now Santa used to be a friend of mine, bring me presents and things but he hasn’t dropped by for quite a few years now, maybe it was because one year I ate his mince pies and drank his whiskey, anyway the other evening Paul took me to Nancy’s bar also known as “The Wine Barrel” and I bumped into my old friend Julian, when I say “old friend” I don’t mean I’ve known him for years and years although when we are in the middle of a rendition of “Oh Boy” I feel like I’ve known him all my life, I mean OLD as in over 65 …. like me, also L.D. was there he’s our guitar player and Buddy Holly singer without him our parties would be a little subdued, I just wish that the four Buddy Holly songs that he does know he’d learn the lyrics as well. Julian’s son Gary was there, along with a few other’s of the “in” crowd like Fast Alex and John Partee, anyway I drift of the subject again, while entertaining the masses with another out of tune performance of “Oh Boy” Julian took one look... read more

Hello everybody

Hello from Glynn Jolley I think I’ve at last worked out what China is all about for the retired gentleman, (me) it took me a while but I’ve cracked it…. China is all about finding things to do in-between meals, so the longer you make a meal last the less time you have to worry about what to do and where to go. Several years ago when I was a working man, May said to me come to China dad and I can take you to a different restaurant every day for the rest of your life, and now I’m here I believe her, there is an immense selection of places to visit, as well as huge amount of BBQ’s to be invited to when they are in season, a Buddy Holly BBQ with Sam’s legendary barbequed steak’s is my favourite, I can recommend it to anyone over 60, only next time I think we should get the lyrics from Google first, and maybe get our guitar player to learn more than 4 songs. Yesterday (Thursday 6th Dec) I went with Paul for most of the day, May had given him the job of daddy sitting, he wasn’t happy about it but took it on the chin like a true trooper, our first stop was an enormous outdoor market, I’ve never been to a market so big selling so much stuff, it was a real eye opener, with stuff for sale you just can’t get in England like live duck’s live snake’s and turtles of all sizes, fruit I’ve never seen before and a mass of clothing I don’t... read more

Bangkok day 2 and 3

November 2nd 2012 Up at 7.30 eating breakfast at 8.30 … Meet up with Paul at 10am in the bar, after a quick drink of chilled diet coke Danny joined us he was a bit groggy but the trip to the over ground railway station in this 35c plus heat soon woke him up, God but it’s hot here, when they say you can fry an egg just by cracking it open on the pavement you better believe it, anyway Paul took us again to that big shopping centre and air con shops, thank god for air con, we stopped at a Mexican eating place, I had something ending with “O” I’ve no idea what it was but there was minced meat on the inside and cheese on the outside and very tasty, then we wandered around the air con shops and anyone who knows me will tell you I just can’t pass a camera shop, so I had to stop and look, I only wanted a quick look but this camera caught my eye it’s a Samsung WB850F … 16.2 megapixel … Full HD … X21 optical zoom with GPS and Wi-Fi plus lots of other amazing features …. Well I just had to get it …. Not for me of course but for Kathy I’m sure she’ll be pleased with her present from Bangkok. At about 6pm Paul decided a nice beer at a place called” The Nest” would be a good idea …. Good idea my arse …. To start with we had to climb the equivalent of three flights of stairs up then down just... read more


My first full day in Bangkok November 1st 2012 .. I was up at 6 am having slept for about 10 hours but nobody else surfaced till around 10.30…. And that was Paul and Danny…..god it’s hot here….We then went to a shopping mall it’s a big place and puts my local Hanley shopping center to shame. We then caught the underground train but it was over ground if you know what i mean, ….. they really pack those trains we stood up all the way back, three stations about 5 mins … My evening meal was at Gulliver’s inside in the air conditioned room with Danny and Bernd I had real Thai Tom Yum Goong, the best I’ve ever tasted, then prawn rice in a pineapple with a Thai curry to wash it all down, there’s no beating real Thai food …. Paul Alex Sam and Julian had already eaten so they sat outside in the heat drinking mainly chilled Coke at about 6.30 we made our way back to the hotel to change ready for the evening ahead. By 8 pm we were at our first bar this was erotically called Spanky’s and once inside you see why, in the middle of the room there is a low stage with stainless steel poles every few feet, at each pole is a topless girl with a soft plastic stick, as you walk past theses girls (and you have to walk past them to get to your seat) they sort of spank you with the sticks that make a loud bang when they hit you. So we sat and had a couple of... read more

Zhongshan, China – House Buying

We’ve bought a house in Zhongshan in China. It seemed a good idea at the time. Surprisingly it only took a morning. by the time lunch time came around we’d viewed the house, decided on the one we want, agreed on a price, signed the contract, went to government office to apply for a official chinese name, went to solicitors to sign contracts (with me new chinese name), then the bank manager turned up at the solicitors (wouldn’t happen in England) looked at a few of our documents then agreed to give us a mortgage. We walked away with a new house … well 15th January a new house they haven’t finished building it yet. I said to May in England it takes approx. 6 – 8 weeks to buy a house, certainly not a morning. So why buy in Zhongshan I hear you ask, a few reasons really … 1st and most important it’s close to everywhere but still far enough away. One of the problems with China is the smog, so if we lived in Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Macau we’d wake up every morning to a smoggy sky well in Zhongshan the sky’s are clear and it’s in the middle of Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou. 2nd They are in the process of completing a tube train from Guangzhou to Macau, which happy stops at Zhongshan … which means Zhongshan will only be a 15 tube ride to the center of Guangzhou or 15 mins to the boarder of Macau. 3rd They are in the process of building a bridge from Zhuhai (just 15 mins away... read more

The Gambia

We took 2 weeks out of our busy schedule and flew to meet sister in Gambia … did nothing for 2 weeks … well apart from sun, sea, sand, food, wine … oh and help sister out with her business. Check the photos …..... read more

Bakery Refurbishments Phase 2

The Bakery Refurbishments are now completed … well apart from bits n bobs … need do a bit of painting .. carpet man is laying floor next weekend along with the skirting boards. BUT apart from that it’s done … I’ll add more photos later … but it’s looking great. Kathy the lady who’s leasing it popped in and is now dead excited cause it’s 200 times better than she expected. All the hard work has paid off … or should i say … all Andy’s hard work has paid off … We completed the shop Refurbishment … well apart from bits and bobs …. and we’ve started phase 2 … converting/refurbishment the back bakery into … ermmm a bakery. We’ve had a lady I know approach us to rent out the back building for a 5 year lease. Which was cool as we’d decided to do it then rent out after … which means we’re on a dead line now as she wants to move in by March. I’ve added loads more photos of the refurbishment for the back bakery.  ... read more


  We’re in the middle of refurbishments for our shop at Kel’s Patisserie Congleton. Ermmm it’s going a bit slower and there’s a lot more work than we thought … but it’s going …. We had to stay closed for ANOTHER week but it will be worth it in the end .. we hope ??? Almost there now … it’s really close … hopefully open this Monday  ... read more

Web Camera

I’ve had one of these Web Camera thingies for Christmas … When you see me online I’ll try and connect to test it... read more

Car Troubles

Been having trouble with the Car … The gearbox keeps going faulty … May’s thinking about trading it in for a new different model … watch this... read more

Webpage Died

1st Blog for ages. I haven’t done a blog for ages .. thought this might be a good place to start. I have done previous blogs on my webpage but haven’t had time to update it. Plus my hard drive died which had the web page saved on it so I’ll have to do the whole webpage... read more

1 Night in Brussels

I had to fly to Brussels airport to help out sister in law. She’d flown from China to Africa with only £60 in her pocket and NO credit cards. So when they got as far as Zurich and incurred a few over-night delays they panicked and called May. Which of course meant that super Paul (me) had to go to the rescue. I can’t say sleeping a night in Brussels airport in the transit area was my best nights sleep … but needs must when the devil vomits in your... read more

Selling Joker Leisure

We’ve decided to sell our beloved house at Heaton Terrace. We love our house dearly but with the Sale of our business (Joker Leisure Ltd) the property is to large for us two. As of this date it’s officially on the market. We haven’t as yet registered it with any estate agents but we think with the power of the internet and a little local advertising we may not need to. Of course time will tell... read more

Food Poisoning

Sick as a parrot today. I think maybe food poisoning. It put me on my back and kept me within dashing distance of the lavatory for 3am until 3pm. finally the lining came up and I started to feel better … surprisingly. Regards Paul ....... read more

Arriving in The Gambia

Okay Guy’s and Girl’s, I’m now in the Gambia …… I’ve gotten passed the initial shock of things in the Gambia and I’m starting to quite enjoy myself. I don’t know why when I packed my bags that I thought the Gambia was going to be Exotic, I’ve since looked up Exotic in the dictionary and it is ” Strikingly strange or Unusual … but I think it’s closer to Hot as Hell and Very Basic” ….. but never mind, maybe I’ll mention this to Oxford Dictionary. ex・ot・ic adjective: strikingly strange or unusual (Example: “Exotic costumes from the Far East”) Regards Paul ....... read more

Puerto Rico Skydiving

Myself and my good friends Arnold Grier and Lisa Robertson decided to get up very early on a port day in Peurto Rico, travel to the other side of the island and jump out of a perfectly good air plane. It was a once in a life time awesome experience. Strangely there is a very old promotional video from Carnival Cruise Lines at the end of the... read more